Midjourney prompt guide created by Blue Shadow

Midjourney prompt guide


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You can final below a midjourney prompt guide. Midjourney is an AI system that generates realistic visuals and arts from natural language descriptions – Text-to-Image Prompts. Since the quality of the prompt is directly proportional to the quality of the art, it is essential to give more detailed and challenging prompts. Here an advanced guide to writing prompts for Midjourney. As a AI designer and digital artist, I decided to create this midjourney prompt guide to help anybody to create amazing art.


Midjourney guide prompts cinematic lighting AI

Cinematic lighting

Midjourney guide prompts volumetric lighting AI

Volumetric lighting

Midjourney guide prompts octane render AI

Octane render

Midjourney guide prompts soft lighting AI

Softbox lighting

Midjourney Long exposure

Long exposure

Glowing lights midjourney guide

Glowing lights

Midjourney advanced guide lighting

Blue lighting

Fairy lights midjourney examples

Fairy lights


Takes a number from 0 to 100 to increase or decrease the level of abstraction in the subject

/imagine Statue of liberty --chaos 50

Midjourney commands prompt example chaos 10

Midjourney chaos 10

Midjourney commands prompt example chaos 30

Midjourney chaos 30

Midjourney commands prompt example chaos 60

Midjourney chaos 60

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