Apokalypse project by Free Spirit




Blue shadow is a fine art photographer and the Creative Director of Free Spirit

I’m a Free Spirit.
A Free Spirit is someone or something who lives by their own wishes and is unconstrained by society.
I am a man with a vision, in love with Darkness & Avant garde.
Don’t try to find me as I’m lost in a dark universe.
I like creating portraits of unusual characters.
I am somewhere between fantasy and nightmare,
Between the light and the night.
My pictures are part of my soul I can’t reveal to the world.
I invoke conflicting feelings of sensuality, intrigue and unease.
I reveal real people’s identity through my pictures.I am fascinated by the visual representation of abstract thoughts and emotional depth.
I like revealing the beauty in the middle of a chaotic atmosphere.
I am provocative as I want to see what you are hiding behind your mask.
I ain’t an artist but I create deviant art.
However, I don’t spread hate but love,
so I decided to create my own tribe,
a tribe of talented people with a beautiful heart.
I’m an Alpha, I’m a shadow and Blue is my color.

My body is in Paris.

My soul is in Tokyo.

My spirit is in Scotland.

My Lifestyle is in New York.

I’m the founder of Free Spirit


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